Liane & Rubun

New Orleans, LA / November 10th, 2018

Rubun’s vows were probably the best ones I’ve heard…

Liane. I was trying to think about why I love you, but to be honest, many of those qualities are why everyone loves you. 

You are reliably up for anything. When someone has a request or event or activity, you can always be counted on to go, even if it's just to support your friends. 

You are straightforward and honest. This would be apparent to anyone who looks through your google searches. Guarantee there has been a  "how to do a wedding without being center of attention bride" and a "how to write great wedding vow that's not cheesy."
You are vibrant and you are extreme. You are either on or off, either go or sleep, no real calm or chill. There are multiple times you've tried to be chill, and ended up asleep at bars, restaurants, or people's houses. You also tried to be chill once, as a present to me, and ended up saying "I hate chilling, why would anyone do this, I'm never doing this again." Even thinking back to our first few hours together, you made me run through all the emotions. Excitement, happiness, adoration, fear, despair, and confusion. Mostly confusion though. In retrospect, this was all foreshadowing for our seven wonderful years together.

Finally, you are transparent. When something makes you happy, you let it be shown all over your face and reactions and your laugh, and your enthusiasm is contagious. You have the capacity to draw people into your weird crazy schemes, people who have no intention of doing it. Making you happy is just a happy occasion for anyone.

I don't have a great answer for what sets me apart. It really is all the little things about you that make me love you, that are harder to put into words. I'm happy in the morning just letting you sleep in peace, and coming back to you in the evening gets me through my day. I feel happy hearing about how you went down some crazy internet rabbithole and now it is 5AM and oh my god why did you do that. I'm happy when I receive an email from you during a busy day, that just says, "So sleepy." I'm happy when I see you at home early faceplanted on the bed because you stayed up until 5AM for no reason. I'm happy when you literally, physically almost fall over laughing at something, and I'm happy that you chose me to keep you from falling over.
So vows. I needed (sigh) a few things I would keep doing, which is pretty hard with a woman who hates schedules and planning and structure of any sort.
- I vow to keep going at our monthly dates. These are the best times we have, and our most honest. These come with no expectations and lots of potential. It reminds me every month to spend some time thinking about my favorite thing, which is you. - I vow to wake you up when you want to sleep way too late, because you seems so happy when you actually accomplish things in the morning. I also vow to let you sleep when you want to wake up egregiously early, mostly because you are mean when you wake up.- I vow to always let you know when you are being too much, but I also won't keep you from it, because you clearly enjoy being too much.- I vow to support you, as you have me. My path in particular has been long and difficult, but you have gotten me through a lot of hard times, unafraid to shoulder the burden when I really needed you. You have been my most unapologetic critic and most faithful ally, and I love you for both. I can only ever try to be the support you were to me. - Finally, I vow to be there for you when you need me. I will bring the dumplings when you are hungry, find the smoothies when you are thirsty, yell at you when you are being cray, nap with you when you are sleepy, and when you are feeling really energized and excited, I will walk thousands of miles in the scorching Utah heat while hungover and dehydrated. I might look upset, but don't worry, I'm happy.
I don't know where this relationship takes us next and suppose that's part of the fun. I want you to know, though, that I will always try my best to keep you happy. I love you.

Coordinator: Clark and Kelly / Florals: We Are Gathered / Dress: Reformation / Locations: Tree of Life, Audobon Park & Bevolo Electric & Gas / DJ: YES KATE YES

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